Angus Ford-Robertson

A teacher of Presence,

Angus guides students ‘back to awareness’.

He teaches individuals how to be free from stress,

anxiety and overwhelm.

“His exceptional gift is his ability to quickly bring students

back to a state of peace.”

A teacher, speaker, writer and therapist, Angus supports individuals in coming back to a state of inner peace.

Founder of The Awaken Club, Angus is a leader in the field of human potential and spiritual evolution. His teaching is motivated by the knowing that everyone has the capacity to be ‘free from suffering’; that we can all experience love, joy, and peace.

This is the journey of Awakening, a journey of Self-Awareness.

The Awaken Club

“I teach individuals how to live free from stress.

My mission is to help you remember who you truly are; as a field of awareness.

I provide practical, everyday tools that will empower you to live your most meaningful, joyful and grounded life.”

The Awaken Club is a coming together of like-minded individuals, inspiring and supporting one another to live an awakened life.

Discover Angus’ Work

Workshops, Talks & Events

Whether you attend a single workshop or are a regular member of The Awaken Club, all of Angus’ events are designed to help you become permanently free from fear, overthinking and anxiety so that you may find lasting inner peace. Prepare to experience profound transformation through the gift of living a fully conscious ‘awakened’ life.

Awaken Club
Awaken Retreats


Our retreats are all about community, friendship and connection. They are designed to bring you deeper into self-awareness, with an emphasis on exploring what it means to be ‘awake’ to your true nature. The perfect reset for anyone looking to experience life with a brand new perspective. All set within breathtaking natural beauty.

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training Programme, “Becoming a Teacher of Presence’ – led by Angus Ford-Robertson and supported by specialist Mindfulness Teachers, offers hands-on mentoring of up to 20 students who want to develop their skills in order to become a qualified Mindfulness Teacher. It will be a unique, highly practical and experiential training.

Mindful Teacher Training
Angus Therapy


With over 20 years of clinical experience, Angus provides help, support and guidance to those who want to explore life with greater awareness. Since each person is unique, every client is met with a tailored approach using specific therapeutic modalities that best suit their current experience – based on individual objectives and where they are on their awakening journey..

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