The Awaken Club
Online Classes

Join Angus every week for an online class.

Open to everyone.

The easiest way to join is with a monthly subscription which gives you rolling access to all classes.

A zoom link will be sent directly to your inbox on the day of each class.

You can also ‘drop-in’ for a single class or buy a pack of 6 or 12 classes and book up to 3 months in


Angus Ford-Robertson Therapy

Discover inner peace through meditation,
dialogue and self-inquiry

Join Angus LIVE ONLINE every week for an awakening experience. You will learn lifelong skills to help you to be free from stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction in life. You’ll be guided to reconnect to your innate sense of wellbeing, joy and belonging.

Each week you’ll have the option to simply ‘listen in’ to the class and receive the teaching.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can engage more actively and ask questions on issues you are struggling with.

A typical format includes:

  • A talk by Angus – addressing a current issue or theme
  • A guided meditation – for awakening to Self-awareness
  • Q & A – to explore wellbeing, spirituality and awakening

What will you discover at The Awaken Club?

  • Freedom from your over-active mind
  • The deep peace of Presence
  • Mental-emotional balance
  • The source of ‘uncaused joy’
  • How to bring spiritual wisdom into everyday life
  • Inspiration, community and connection

About The Awaken Club

The Awaken Club is a coming together of like-minded individuals, inspiring and supporting one another to live an
awakened life


Students and friends of The Awaken Club have a deep interest in awakening to their true nature, in exploring the mysteries of consciousness and in discovering their fullest human potential.

Alongside the weekly online classes, we offer Awaken classes and workshops at venues, organisations, companies and retreat centres in the UK and internationally.

Angus Ford-Robertson has been leading The Awaken Club in various guises for over 20 years. The story began in 2001 when he spontaneously began teaching groups of friends in his front room. For the next two decades, these Clapham gatherings grew into Battersea Yoga Studio, a thriving business and community that taught over 40,000 students.

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Reviews Angus

“The weekly community has helped so much with my anxiety. I feel relaxed for the first time in years!”

Dan R, Berlin

“The live online sessions are the only thing that has really helped with my life-long anxiety issues.”

Peter S, USA

“The weekly group calls have been a life-saver for me. Just ‘listening in’ helps me feel calm.”

Jane F, UK

“What you teach in these sessions should be taught to every child in school.”

Sarah M, London